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Mobile work platforms

Mobile work platforms

Check out Steco Steiger's wide range of mobile platforms. The ideal stepladder for use in warehouses and workshops. Work safely at height!

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Mobile work platform

A mobile work platform is a fixed, non-collapsible ladder that is easy to move. Unlike a ladder, a mobile warehouse ladder has convenient casters. The mobile platform ladder is known as a safety ladder; you can safely work with two hands from the platform. When climbing or descending the mobile warehouse ladder, you always have one hand free. This makes using a warehouse ladder extra safe.

Solide mobile work platform:

  • Solide mobile work platform 4 steps | Standing height 1.00 meters

Tubesca mobile work platform:

  • Tubesca mobile work platform 5 steps | Standing height 1.10 meters

Mobile and foldable warehouse ladder

Besides being easy to use, a movable stepladder is also very safe! A mobile warehouse ladder is easy to move thanks to its wheels. The collapsible warehouse ladder is also easy and compact to transport. Warehouse stepladders have the safety of a rolling scaffold and the compact dimensions of a ladder. Mobile platforms feature sturdy handrails and a convenient work platform to place boxes and/or tools on. Our collapsible mobile stairs comply with the EN 131 standard.

Solide folding mobile platform:

  • Solide folding mobile platform 4 steps | Standing height 1.00 meters

Eurostairs warehouse ladder Easy:

  • Eurostairs Warehouse ladder Easy - 4 treads | Standing height 1.00 meters

Want to buy a mobile work platform?

Steco Steigers, based in Maaseik, is happy to help you perform your work safely. We offer many other products besides work platforms and safety steps. We have the largest selection of rolling and folding scaffolds. Discover our diverse range of professional climbing equipment and feel free to request a quote. Do you have any questions about our products? Then please contact us. To do so, please call +32 (0) 496 532 330 or send an email to [email protected].