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Foldable scaffold Altrex RS Tower 34

Foldable scaffold Altrex RS Tower 34

Altrex Heavy Duty folding/rolling scaffold RS Tower 34. The ideal scaffolding for the do-it-yourselfer & hobbyist. Easy to assemble, lightweight and compact.

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Altrex RS TOWER 34. Folding tower for the hard-working DIY-user or the professional

The Altrex RS TOWER 34 is a lightweight folding tower. Suitable for outdoor work. Ideal for indoor due to compact format. Want to go higher? The system is modular. With module 2 and 3, you can extend it to 7.80 m working height. This Altrex RS TOWER 34 folding tower is made for the hard-working DIY-user. But can also be used for professional tasks. The maximum load is 150 kg/m².

The single width frames of 0.75 metres means it fits through every standard door opening. The platform is available in the length: 1.65 m. The Folding unit of the scaffolding means there are very few separate parts and the whole unit folds in half. It takes up very little space.

What does working height mean?

Working height means the height at which you can work when standing on the platform. The formula used for this is: platform height + 2 meters = working height. This is an indication and may differ slightly in practice, depending on your own height.

Buy an Altrex indoor scaffold?

You can easily order the Altrex RS TOWER 34 scaffold via the webshop. Do you still have doubts about the correct height of the mobile scaffold? Please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you!