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Scaffolding extension frames

Scaffolding extension frames

View our wide range of aluminium construction frames, guardrail frames and walk-through frames for all types of mobile scaffolding.

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Standard rolling scaffold frames

A rolling scaffold is assembled with various extension frames that are connected to each other with braces. An extension frame always consists of two uprights with horizontal rungs between them. At the top of the scaffold frame is the connecting pin over which the next extension frame is slid. The scaffolding frames are secured to each other with a locking pin.

The scaffolding frame is made of high-quality aluminum. The construction is robust and complies with the NEN-EN 1004 Class 3 standard (2 kN p/m²).

Construction frames for various applications

We have a very wide range of assembly frames. If you want to erect several scaffolds next to each other, choose our walk-through frames. This will eliminate the need to keep climbing up and down and you will have converted your scaffolding into a facade scaffold. For installing a rolling scaffold in small spaces, we have erection frames from 2 rungs high. The construction frames are available in widths of 75, 90 and 135 centimeters.

Additional parts for your rolling scaffold

Complete your rolling scaffold with our standard scaffold parts:

  • Scaffold floors
  • Scaffold braces
  • Scaffold safety guardrails
  • Scaffold stabilizers
  • Scaffold toe boards
  • Scaffold wheels
  • Scaffold trailers
  • Working tents
  • Stages
  • Scaffold elevator

Want to buy scaffolding parts?

Choose from our wide range of parts for rolling scaffolds. Not found what you are looking for? Please contact our customer service. We will be happy to help you!