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Drywall panel lifters

Drywall panel lifters

Check out our wide selection of drywall elevators and accessories. Professionally use. Available directly from stock. Free shipping.

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The ideal panel lifter for finishing work

A drywall elevator is an indispensable tool when placing sheet materials against ceilings, sloping roofs and walls. A panellift has a base with 3 or 4 legs equipped with casters, so that the lifter can be easily moved. The metal support arms at the top of the ceiling tile elevator serve as a support surface. The anti-slip rubbers ensure that the panel stays in place. The support arms can be easily adjusted to the dimensions of the panel material. In all of our drywal lifters, the arm support can be tilted. This tilting function makes it easier to place heavy panels on the lifter. By turning the crank you can raise the panel. The winch is patented and equipped with 2 steel cables, 1 working cable and 1 safety cable.
Safe and reliable! For a good view of the work, the winch is not mounted on the mast itself, but at a distance, on the folding frame. After use, the panel elevator can be easily and quickly folded away. The drywall lifter makes it easier and safer to install panels on high walls or ceilings.


Difference between the Levpano 1 and Levpano 2?

Both ceiling board lifters have the same features. The difference is in the chassis. The Levpano 1 has a 4 legged base on which 2 benches are mounted. You can stand on these to screw on the plates. The Levpano 2 has a 3-legged base, making it easier to reach the corners.

Difference between the Levpano combi 400 and Levpano combi 450?

Both plasterboard lifters are the same except for the reach height. The maximum height on the Levpano combi 400 is 4 meters, on the Levpano combi 450 the maximum working height is 4.5 meters.

Levpano drywal panel lift spare parts

Choose from our wide range of professional drywal panel elevators. You already have a panel lift and are looking for Levpano parts for your plate elevator? Send us an email with the part you want to replace.

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