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Purchasing professional ASC scaffolding

Thanks to its excellent quality and proven longevity, the ASC mobile scaffold is now the most sold mobile scaffold. ASC mobile scaffolds are sturdy, reliable and enormously easy to use. ASC scaffolds are used for all construction work.

ASC ladders

Besides scaffolding, Steco Steigers also offers a wide range of ASC ladders. Are you looking for a sturdy, qualitative and multifunctional ladder? Our ASC ladders meet your requirements. With a ASC ladder you can safely and efficiently perform all your works.

ASC stairs

If you want to buy an aluminum stepladder, you are at the right place at Steco Steigers. We have a wide range of aluminum stepladders for both indoor and outdoor use. Our ASC stepladders meet the highest quality and safety requirements. ASC stepladders have a good price/quality ratio and are safe, stable and reliable. In our assortment you will find single stairs and double stairs.

Order your ASC scaffolding at Steco Steigers

Steco Steigers is a distributor of ASC scaffolds, stepladders and ladders. Check out the different models and choose from our wide range, available directly from stock! Place your order directly through the webshop. Do you need help or personal advice? You can reach us by phone at +32 (0) 496 532 330 or by mail [email protected].