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Scaffold platforms

Scaffold platforms

Mobile scaffold floors provide more stability and offer you a space to work easily or to place your materials.

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Standard scaffold platforms

Our rolling scaffold platforms are universally interchangeable with the well-known scaffold brands. All our mobile scaffold tower floors are 60 cm wide and can be loaded to 250 kg. The construction is made of high-quality aluminum, is robust and meets the standard NEN-EN 1004 Class 3 (2 kN p/m²).

Choose between a platform with a deck plate in wood with an anti-slip coating or in lightweight carbondeck. A major advantage of a platform with carbon deck compared to the wooden variant is that carbon is 25% lighter. This makes a carbon floor easier to move and faster to assembly. A carbon deck is also more resistant to variable weather conditions.

  • The rolling scaffold platforms are universally interchangeable with other brands.
  • All rolling scaffold floors have an anti-slip coating for added safety.
  • The platforms are available with deck plate in lightweight carbon deck or with a wooden deck plate.

Scaffold tower floor platform sizes

Rolling scaffold floors are available in different lengths (150 - 190 - 250 - 305 - 400 cm). Longer lengths are available in the aluminum stages. You have the choice between a platform without hatch and with hatch.


Additional parts for your mobile scaffold

Complete your rolling scaffold with our standard scaffolding parts:

  • Scaffold frames
  • Scaffold braces
  • Scaffold railings
  • Scaffold stabilizers
  • Scaffold toe boards
  • Scaffolding castors
  • Scaffolding trailers
  • All-weather tents
  • Work bridges
  • Scaffold elevator

Want to buy Scaffold parts?

Choose from our wide range of scaffolding parts. Not found what you are looking for? Please contact our customer service. We will gladly help you!